Elinor Carucci’s Intimate Images

The most striking thing about Elinor Carucci’s photography is the overwhelming sense of intimacy. Photography, by its nature, is intimate with artist and subject in close proximity capturing moments that otherwise would be solitary but the level of intimacy in Elinor Carucci’s work is staggering. There is something about what she chooses to capture, how it is framed, and what she leaves out that allows me to feel as though I am part of her family rather than a voyeur.

In an academic sense I know little about Elinor Carucci but I feel as though I know her, her husband, father, and mother perhaps better than my own family. The things I notice in my own world are captured in hers. The corner of a mouth, the mark of a zipper, a stolen touch. These are her images of her family but they are also memories of my own intimate moments. It seems one of the most powerful affects a photograph can have is to not just bring you into the artist’s world but to bring you into your own.

See more of Elinor Carucci’s work on her official website.

All photographs © Elinor Carucci.

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