Nadia Lee Cohen


Looking at Nadia Lee Cohen’s photographs is a bit like watching John Waters direct a David Lynch film. There is a strong sense of superficial Americana, that intense surface gloss that smothered the middle-class in post-war England and America. While Cohen doesn’t go all-in with the willingness to shock and disturb the way Lynch and Waters do she manages a sub-surface tension that makes the comparison valid.

Nadia Lee Cohen is new to the world of fashion photography and she brings a fresh perspective. A model herself she has been working on a personal series called 100 Naked Women that was inspired by women she met online. The project seems to inform her commercial work and vice-versa. Her compositions tend to use women as props, but self-aware props. There is a story behind every one though not usually one that involves the viewer. There’s less fantasy and more voyeurism, less prurience and more nakedness. Their lives aren’t being presented, they’re being documented. When combined with a strong graphic style and a model’s eye for capturing the female form Cohen makes some distinctive and captivating images.

Nadia Lee Cohen is a British photographer, filmmaker, and model who lives and works in London. See more at Nadia lee Cohen’s official site.

Tessa by Nadia Lee Cohen
Tessa with TV by Nadia Lee Cohen
Tessa with TV
Tessa on Bed by Nadia Lee Cohen
Tessa on Bed
Simone by Nadia Lee Cohen
Self Portrait by Nadia Lee Cohen
Self Portrait
Pippa by Nadia Lee Cohen
Mimi by Nadia Lee Cohen
Millie by Nadia Lee Cohen
Lilly by Nadia Lee Cohen
Gorilla 2 by Nadia Lee Cohen
Gorilla 2
Gorilla by Nadia Lee Cohen
Ella by Nadia Lee Cohen
Double Gulp by Nadia Lee Cohen
Double Gulp
Cheyenne by Nadia Lee Cohen
Bethan by Nadia Lee Cohen
Alyssa by Nadia Lee Cohen

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