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Magdalena Wosinska was born in Katowice, Poland, in 1983. When she was 8 her family moved to Arizona. Not being able to speak a word of English she was teased and bullied and left feeling an outcast. Her solution was to embrace being the outcast. She spent her youth hanging out with boys, skating, and playing guitar in a metal band. She started photographing as a teenager after seeing a friend’s older sister with a camera.

Wosinska softened up a bit with age but kept the perspective of the rebel. Her photos are full of fuck it, let’s do it and watch this moments but with less self-consciousness than the typical YouTube version. She presents a beautiful, energetic spontaneity that is so sought after in advertising but rarely feels as genuine as her images.

She shoots herself constantly, as evidenced by her Instagram, and chronicles her life as a commercial photographer by dropping herself, generally nude, into every landscape she visits. Quite possibly one of the best travelogues around.

Magdalena Wosinska has published four books, Bite It You Scum (2010), The Grass is Electric (2012), The Experience Vol 1 (2015), and Leftovers of Love (2017).

Magdalena Wosinska lives in Los Angeles.

See more at Magdalena Wosinska’s official site or her Instagram.

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