April-Lea Hutchinson

April-Lea Hutchinson is a Canadian photographer, hailing from Toronto, Ontario. She works primarily in analog film and this has a profound affect on her work. Film causes a photographer to be patient and wait for the right moment. Depending on the camera you may have a very limited number of shots available before needing to reload. Sometimes you have only a single frame. The result, in the right hands, can be extraordinary. Hutchinson’s subjects come alive with personality despite long exposures and time between frames. Or perhaps it’s because of the exposure length and slow pace of shooting that the subject lets down their guard. Most photographers shooting portraits or nudes are looking for a kind of intimacy but few find it in such a profound way.

April-Lea Hutchinson is editor and art director for Supplementaire Art & Fashion Journal and 62nd floor. She has been published in Taschen’s New Erotic Photography Vol #2, Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography Vol #4 and other publications.

See more of April-Lea Hutchinson’s work at her website or Tumblr.

All images © April-Lea Hutchinson.

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