Fabio Borquez

Fabio Borquez was born in 1964 in Argentina. At school in Buenos Aires he studied art, photography and architecture. He moved to India and Columbia for scholarships, then met his wife in Miami Beach, Florida, and followed her to her native Germany where he has been living since 2001. Borquez’s work in fashion and editorial photography is certainly a cut above the average, where women feel more like props and concepts than they do people. His subjects seem more engaged, more relaxed and realized. Whether he is capturing reality or is simply skilled at conveying a kind of reality is not the issue. Borquez creates strong images of beautiful people that are worth spending time with.

Fabio Borquez has been the subject of several books including Chicas (2008), Erotic Wonderland (2011), and Vida Loca (2014). See more at Fabio Borquez’s official website.

All photographs © Fabio Borquez.

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