Ivan Alifan

Ivan Alifan is a Russian Canadian artist currently working in New York. Alifan graduated from OCAD University in 2012 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. He participated in the Hermitage Museum residency in St. Petersburg and studied abroad in Florence, Italy.

Alifan has created a series of paintings where subjects are covered in a substance that seems somewhere between frosting and wet plaster. The series, titled “Not Milk”, plays on the beauty and terror of sex with the model immersed in a sensual but potentially suffocating world. The unsubtle title of the series is a bit on the nose but is in line with Alifan’s approach. Though the paintings lack the self-awareness of Will Cotton or the audacity of Blake Little’s Preservation series, at their best they successfully find the sense of the little death, beauty on the edge of panic.

To see more from Ivan Alifan check out his official website.

All artwork © Ivan Alifan.

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