Riccardo Mannelli

Riccardo Mannelli is an Italian artist and illustrator. Born in Pistoia, he has lived and worked in Rome since 1977. While attending the School of Architecture in Florence he met Emilio Isca, who published Help, the only satirical magazine of the time. Mannelli started working for him as an illustrator and his career was set.

Mannelli has worked with leading Italian satirical magazines since 1975, with comic magazines such as Linus and Alter Linus, and with newspapers and magazines such as Playmen, Blue, L’Europeo, La Stampa, Il Manifesto, La Repubblica, and L’Heco des Savanes in France.

Between 1982 and 1983, he lived for three months in Nicaragua and created one of the first examples of what would have then been defined as graphic journalism: a live reportage that portrays through drawings accompanied by captions, the plight of the country at the time of the guerrillas unleashed by the counterrevolutionaries. Later he travelled in the former Yugoslavia, “In the war, under the bombs as an idiot”, he says in an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica: “Usually journalists, in places of war, work from the hotels collecting agencies. But I demanded permits and I rented a car and went to see personally. I start and draw. I did it from the battlefields, from cafes, from the inside of a compact car with which I have roamed in the 1980s to 20 thousand kilometers”.

Alongside the activities of journalism, Mannelli began painting, and showed over the years in numerous exhibitions and festivals: from Global Soup (1999 – Galleria AAM), Signs and Designs (Tricromia Art Gallery) and the pictorial cycle Stanze di Guerra (2001), from which came the multimedia performance Electric Cabaret. In 2008 he created the cycle Apotheosis of the corrupt, projected as a virtual frieze on the outside wall of the Ara Pacis in Rome. In 2009 exhibited Tender Barbarians, with the Czech photographer Jan Saudek. Invited to the 54th Venice Biennale, he exhibited three works in the Italian Pavilion.

Currently, Mannelli teaches Live Drawing and Anatomy at the European Institute of Design.

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All artwork © Riccardo Manneli.