Budd Root

Budd Root was born on a United States Army military base in Heidelberg, Germany in 1958. His grandfather introduced him to comics which became a major influence on his life. After a stint in the United States Marines, Root attempted to get into the comics industry but had no luck with the mainstream publishers. Root found a job at a comic book store where he met James Robert Smith, who gave Root his first paid work, illustrating “James Gang” and “Johnny Thirteen” stories in James Gang #1. The issue was a commercial failure but gave Root a taste for working in the comics field.

In 1993, after his wife received a bonus check at work, Root formed Basement Comics to self-publish the first issue of Cavewoman, the story of superhuman Meriem Cooper, a 19-year-old jungle woman who battles dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in the Cretaceous period. Regarding Cavewoman’s creation, Root said to R.J. Carter in 2002 “Cavewoman was inspired by Little Annie Fanny and William Stout. I wanted something like ‘Little Annie Fanny in the Stone Age.’ Originally, it was going to be a T&A type of book, but it seemed like, as I was writing, it just kept on developing. Then my grandfather died after I wrote it. He had been diagnosed with some kind of inoperable tumor, and it made me think: “I’m not going to do a T&A book. Let’s keep this respectable.” I brought the pages (to the first issue) to show Gramp just about a week or so before he died.”

Budd Root’s influences were Frank Frazetta, Steve Buscema, and Neal Adams. One can’t help but see some of his contemporary Dave Stevens in there as well but they may have just been drinking from the same trough. Root’s art is the essence of “good girl” cheesecake and, though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has place in the comics universe.

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All artwork © Budd Root.

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