Romain Slocombe

Romain Slocombe is a French writer, director, translator, illustrator, comic book author and French photographer. His works mainly address Japan, bondage and the period of the Second World War.

Born in 1953, Romain Slocombe was an early contributor to the magazine Métal Hurlant, where he produced works navigating between comics and illustration. His favorite themes quickly focused on Japan, which he has been interested in since his youth, bondage, accidents, and young women (nurses and Japanese).

Slocombe’s modes of expression are many: comic strips, drawing, painting, illustration, photography, cinema, essays and novels. Romain Slocombe has exhibited his graphic works in France and abroad (New York, London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Bologna and elsewhere).

…Tokyo is the ideal backdrop to my universe. When a particular image is so powerful in your own psyche, that image dominates the whole view of that city – the image is of injured Oriental women. My work’s not only about my obsession, it’s about medical fetishism and my fascination with accidents.

—Romain Slocombe

All artwork © Romain Slocombe.

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