Hiroshi Nonami

Hiroshi Nonami is a Japanese beauty photographer and was born in Shimane prefecture in 1954. After graduating from Osaka Photography College (now Visual Arts College) in 1974, Nonami worked in the photography studio of a printing company and independently established Studio No · ah in 1979. As a photographer based in Osaka, Nonami began in advertising photography. He utilizes a variety of photographic techniques such as multiple exposure, photo montage, collage, etc., and createed his own view of the world. Hiroshi Nonami has been featured in many photo exhibitions both in Japan and abroad.

Hiroshi Nonami’s books include Abyss, Eureka, Chaos, Diptych, (published by Editions Treville), Mousa (published by Art Space K), Zoe – Luna Sea, and E-MODE (published by Little More).

All images © Hiroshi Nonami.

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